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Guide To Choosing The Right Eye Lash Extension

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Some people believe that longer eyelashes look prettier than natural ones, which means they often purchase eyelash extensions. Ideally, lash artists fix the lash extensions on the top eyelashes and support them with non-permanent adhesive. Lash stylists can set the lash extensions individually on every natural eyelash or in clusters to cover the entire or partial lash line. With so many lash extension designs available, choosing the perfect extension can be challenging. Here's a guide for selecting the right eyelash extension.


Eyelash extensions are available in various materials, including:

  • Fox. These eyelashes are soft and usually come with an amber hue. However, the lashes provide flexibility as you can dye them if you want a different color, such as black. The downside of these lashes is that they aren't ideal if you have an allergy or are sensitive to animal furs.
  • Mink. These provide a premium curl. Although they are relatively more costly than other eyelashes, mink eyelash extensions are popular since the material is lightweight, soft, and looks more like natural lashes. However, the lashes can trigger allergic reactions if you're sensitive to animal fur or have an allergy.
  • Man-made. These eyelash extensions are long-lasting, low-cost, and require no additional maintenance.
  • Silk. The lashes aren't genuine silk and are heavier than mink. Hence, they may not be very comfortable, making them ideal for occasional wearing.

Eye Appearance

You want to consider your eye size, shape, and orientation when selecting eyelash extensions. Also, consider the color of your eyes to choose lash extensions that best complement them. For instance, if your eyes are brown, you can select lash extensions with a black or brown hue. Overall, your eye appearance can help you choose the correct lash extensions.


Eyelash extensions come in various lengths, and your choice depends on your lashes' fineness and thickness. For instance, if your natural lashes are long and thick, longer extensions are ideal. In contrast, if you have short and sparse eyelashes, you should consider getting short extensions.


The curl of the eyelash extensions also influences your look. Ideally, the J curl looks more natural, while a C curl is more sophisticated. Additionally, you can combine the curls to achieve a unique and sassy look. For instance, you can have a C curl at the edges of the eyes and a J curl at the inner edges.

When choosing eyelash extensions, consider the material, curl, eye appearance, and length of the extensions. Follow this guide to select the perfect eyelashes.